Innovation in Construction: Printed, Not Poured

Take a look at some of our recent projects and see the innovative solutions we’ve provided to our clients.


Pioneering the Future of Affordable Housing with Habitat for Humanity

3D Construction USA proudly finalizes our groundbreaking project: the first 3D-printed home by Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona. Overlooking Clark Park in Tempe, this innovative, solar-ready residence is a testament to our commitment to affordable housing. This three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, constructed in just a few months, symbolizes a new era in efficient building. Now completed, it is now the home of a deserving family, handpicked through Habitat’s rigorous process. Join us in celebrating this milestone in sustainable, cost-effective home building.

Innovating Education and Construction: 3D Construction USA and Yavapai College Partnership

3D Construction USA is thrilled to announce our collaboration with Yavapai College in launching the nation’s first 3D Construction Program. This pioneering initiative, unanimously supported by the Yavapai College District Governing Board, marks a significant advancement in construction education and technology. The program, an extension of YC’s existing Construction Programs, integrates the cutting-edge technology of 3D printing for house construction. This innovative method utilizes a concrete mixture to print interior and exterior walls, revolutionizing the building process. Not only does this technology drastically reduce construction time and costs, but it also promises to address the attainable housing shortage in Yavapai County.